Breathless, yeah!

Weinheim, my home town, has given itself the monniker “The Two Castle Town”.

This is the Wachenburg, the younger one of the two, about 100 years old, built by student fraternities.

This is the Windeck, the older one, about 1000 years old, built to strengthen the influence of the abbey of Lorsch.

There are paths leading up to either, the choices are roads and paved paths as well as small, narrow footpaths through the woods. The latter are steeper but more fun to walk.

Walking Square #26




5 thoughts on “Breathless, yeah!

    1. Well — former students with LOTS of money. But yes, it’s a nice castle, usually with a restaurant open during summer and – fun fact: my granddad was a young tinner when it was built and he worked on the roof rails back then.

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