Being Led Astray

My walking companion and I lost the rest of the group as well as the trail markings. When we saw this muddy path in front of us we decided to turn around and find a better way.

We turned into this path and ended up with the others again. But – the muddy path was the right way, we learned.

PS: Our shoes were the cleanest.

Walking Square #28




14 thoughts on “Being Led Astray

    1. Hihi — in Saudi we had a ritual that if somebody came back to camp with dry shoes and there was a water crossing (there were, very seldom, but there were!) you ended up standing for an hour in ice water in an esky. Or sat on an iceblock.

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      1. a) Very unwise. You never know what is at the bottom of a puddle or little stagnant stream, particularly in Saudi. Also, it might be slippery and it is always better to cross water with good shoes on your feet. b) Punishment will follow. You are not allowed to take off your shoes, either to avoid water or to let out sand before your first beer. Rules are rules!! πŸ˜„

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