Why Not, Indeed?

“So why the pelican? Said Haskoll.
The thief was giving Haskoll a look that said, Man, why NOT the pelican?

Adam Rex, Unlucky Charms

These contraptions are cleaning the water of the local lake (not a natural one, but excavated) and are called pelicans. A part of the function is to circulate the water from below to the surface.

Wednesday Quotes #9

11 thoughts on “Why Not, Indeed?

    1. It’s not just churning, it’s actually quite complicated. It syphons the water from below which has certain chemicals that the water above is missing and because it is an artificial lake this exchange is necessary. I’ve photographed quite a lot of cormorants on the same day, I didn’t know there were so many. But cormorants mean fish. So I guess it works.

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      1. Interesting. I wonder if that would be helpful for the people in Ohio where there was a terrible rail accident and toxic chemicals spilled. The people are scared to death to drink the city water.

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      2. I would too! When I lived in CA, we drank water out of a well. Many of us that lived on that same street got cancer. I was one of them. My surgeon told me not to drink the water anymore, and after that I didn’t. My husband never drank the water, and didn’t get cancer.

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