His Suffering, His Happiness has ended

but his stories live on.

“My father used to say that stories are part of the most precious heritage of mankind.”

Tahir Shah, In Arabian Nights: A Caravan of Moroccan Dreams

So it is thr storytellers and the writers we revere.

Adam Karillon was a native of the Odenwald. He was the son of a miller, trained and worked as a medical doctor, spent time on a merchant navy ship travelling to Cameroon, and on his return he divided his time between his medical practice and his literary ambitions. He was the first recipient of the prestigious Georg Büchner Prize for his literary works in 1923. He wrote about his experiences, about his home region as well as about Cameroon and his time as a ship’s doctor.

The inscription on the grave stone of Adam Karillon and his father Franz Karl Karillon reads:

The dust who gave them both, it took them back.  
Thus endeth here their suffering, as does their happiness.

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9 thoughts on “His Suffering, His Happiness has ended

    1. He is a very local celebrity. Obviously, he was fairly well-known in the 1920s (receiving the Büchner Prize is witness to that) but he is not known outside a rather small circle of readers. I don’t think any of his works made it into other languages.

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