A soldier of the Long Patrol

43 awake (640x480)

The Long Patrol  is a novel by Brian Jacques and part of the Redwall series. It is also the name of the specialized, elite army of hares that fight for good at the side of the creatures living in Redwall Abbey.  This bright and alert fellow looks like he could well be part of those fierce fighters.

One Word Sunday looking for pictures depicting awake.

More awake photos can be found here.

5 thoughts on “A soldier of the Long Patrol

    1. It’s a children’s series. I used to read it to my boys when they were little. There is a cartoon series around on TV but I much prefer the books. The hare was a piece of luck – I came upon two of them when I drove a small detour coming home from the shops.


  1. My husband read the series to the girls when they were younger. 🙂 There are a few places we passed regularly on vacation that we dubbed “Redwall”, mostly due to the colors. Cute shot and look at those ears!.


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    1. I was the bedtime reader in our family. I read all the Redwall books to our boys. It was great I could practice accents (Oh, how loved to to do the shrews and the moles!) which of course, would have been an insult to any native English speakers but I had fun!

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