The raising of the maypole

It is a tradition of the villages in the Rhineland-Palatium, the southwestern part of Germany to raise a maypole on 1 May.  In some areas it is a naked pole carrying a wreath, in others it is a tall, slender birch with the young green leaves and a few colourful ribbons.


It is no mean feat to raise the fallen tree again as it is quite heavy belying its tender stature.Maibaum

Many ladders are involved in the endeavour as one can see.


But the concerted action of the village people usually results in an upright pole.


Not much more to do now!


And the maypole is up.  And yes, if you’ve been thinking about spring and erections and long, yet strong, slender symbols and wondering why sometimes there is a wreath that looks as if the pole has speared it, you’ve been right. The tradition dates back to Celtic fertility rituals, and no, you don’t have a dirty mind.

For Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: chutes and ladders.


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