One German corner

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I was in Koblenz yesterday and in the cable car up to the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress.  In the cabin one has a commanding view of the Deutsches Eck, the German corner, where the river Moselle joins the Rhine.  The corner tip was called Deutsches Eck for a long time but was enlarged and a monumental statue of Emperor Wilhelm I on horseback was erected.  The statue was destroyed during World War II and until German reunification only the plinth remained – meant to be a reminder of the German separation.  A replica of the monument was erected amidst much public discussion in the 1990s.

Public discussion was again fierce when the cable car from the banks of the Rhine up to the fortress was built in 2011.  The area where the Moselle flows into the Rhine is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and people were worried that the view was going to be spoilt but personally I think it does not distract from the beauty of the area.

This is linked to One Word Sunday: Aerial.

8 thoughts on “One German corner

  1. I know the Moselle area quite well. My daughter-in-law is from Burg where th e family have a Weingut and I attended the wedding. I travelled by train from Basel and the route goes through Koblenz where I had to change trains

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    1. The train ride through the Rhine valley is really nice and one has a lot of great views. But the track is quite contentious because the people living in Bingen, Bacharach, Boppard and the like suffer a lot from the noise.

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