Hildebrandsche Mühle

This building is what is left over of a mill built in the late 19th century.  It was built in contrasting brickface and looked and still looks striking – now with trees growing from the walls.

Hildebrandt'sche Mühle

Hildebrandt'sche Mühle

The bricks of the chimneys, although rectangular in shape, were laid round.

bw bricks 4

Hildebrandt'sche Mühle

The window panes are long gone after several generations of youngsters have used them for target practice but the contrasting brickworks still peek through the trees.

bw bricks 6

Close by are other houses in clinker bricks 7

The chimneys are square though in the newer buildings

bw bricks 8

as are the cellar windows.

Linked to Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: bricks and stones.



6 thoughts on “Clinker

    1. It’s very contentious. It protected as a historic building but nobody wants to do something with it. A few years ago there was a plan to turn it into an upmarket brothel but the neighbourhood objected. Then there was a conglomerate who wanted to turn it into offices but they went bankrupt. Now it just sits there and decays…


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