Out of their element

2009 sea creature a

2009 sea creature e

2009 sea creature d

As I live at least 400km away from any coast I have to rely on old holiday photos and pictorial representations of sea creatures.  In all cases, these were “out of their element”.

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9 thoughts on “Out of their element

  1. You have done well, as Margaret says. I love the old shops that have an animal or sign outside to indicate their line of product. In this case, a fish. They are wonderful structures and sadly, we don’t see them anymore. Was this one is the Netherlands, somewhere or Germany?

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    1. In Germany, in Lüneburg in the North. All over the town they have these painted fishes. – But as for signs in front of restaurants and shops: Around here is an old inn which has a boar made of copper hanging upside down over the entrance. I am pretty sure that when I was small it was a real boar, regularly replaced.

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