The choice is yours

The traditional drink in Frankfurt and the surrounding State of Hesse is wine made of apples.  I don’t really like to call it cider because English cider and French cidre are quite different.  For one thing, the German version is sour, really very sour.

2009 glass b

Traditionally, this kind of cider, called Äppler or Äppelwoi, is served in such ribbed glasses.  The ribbing is supposed to prevent the glass from slipping when one eats greasy food at the same time.

2009 glass c

That makes a case for beer, although in some Äppelwoi pubs it will not be served.

2009 glass d

If it is drawn that badly and with so much foam, maybe a glass of Äppler is more inviting, after all.

2009 glass a

Linked to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Glasses, Cups and Saucers.


8 thoughts on “The choice is yours

    1. It’s an acquired taste. I don’t like it all that much pure but in summer it’s often drunk as a “schorle” (aka a “spritzer”/mixed with sparkling water) and that is very refreshing. An alcohol free and not sour version is “Apfelschorle”, apple juice with sparkling water.

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      1. Many years ago, as a child, I remember drinking Apfelsaft (might have spelt that wrong) in Austria, probably not that dissimilar to the German Apfelschorle….

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