Hold on!

2011 rail c

From Koblenz there is a cable car across the Rhine leading up to the fortress Ehrenbreitstein.  For an even better view a huge viewing platform has been constructed up on the hill plateau.

2011 rail b

2011 rail d

2011 rail e


2011 rail f

And contrasting this rather large construction, here is a little detail on how to beautify rails – also close to the Rhine but in Düsseldorf.

2011 rail a

Linked to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Rails.


5 thoughts on “Hold on!

  1. Do you call it yarnbombing too? When they wrap trees, poles and rails with yarn? I can imagine that view of the Rhine would really be something to see. Thanks for sharing for Friendly friday!


    1. I’ve never heard the term yarn bombing. I like it! I just checked, apparently there are various names for it, all of them English in origin (but I have no idea whether there are actually used in English): guerilla knitting, urban knitting, radical stitching, and also yarn bombing. One German (sort of) name is: gestricktes Graffito (knitted graffito).


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