Stitch witch

I am not normally a prolific sewer but I have a sewing machine and can use it in a pinch.  The pinch, as we all unfortunately know, is now and it is masks.  I have been sewing for friends and family and myself. Then I took on the task of sewing masks for the local hospital and old age home and I had to follow a certain pattern.  I won’t tell you how that went – but it took me a few days to do it without swearing (too much).

Anyway, I’ve come to rely again on the tools above.

And just to make this post a more cheerful one, here is some material I picked up today for – more masks, of course. Shops were closed for a few weeks and now they are open again (the smaller ones at least) provided they adhere to hygienic standards (social distancing, masks, not more than a certain amount of customers inside).

2017 tools d

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