… to the sublime

Something painted … why not a tie-in with Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge from last week: store signs.

And a little less refined (but all the more charming):

A sign at a pick & pay flower field. It reads: “We are the family Eichenauer. Please pay correctly!” And no, I don’t know why Claudia is allowed to sit.
A detail from a (well used) painted tray.

Some of my favourite painted “items” hang in museums. These are from the Scottish National Gallery:

Jules Bastien-Lepage: Pas mèche (There is nothing doing)
Sir Daniel Macnee: Lady in Grey

I like these two paintings because they are very lifelike, particularly the faces could be photographs – before there were real good photographs. The next painting I like is because … well, it isn’t like a photograph at all:

Vincent van Gogh – Les oliviers (The olive trees)

If you have the time, you can check out one of my favourite scenes from Dr. Who here. Vincent van Gogh, the deeply troubled and sad artist, is taken to a modern day exhibition of his works.

Linked to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Anything painted.


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