Just Before Gentrification

Mannheim Jungbusch

The history of the Mannheim suburb Jungbusch has changed a few times over the year. It was a large cemetery for victims of the black death during the 17th century and consequently was a neglected area in the times to follow despite its central location. After the straightening of the Rhein and a harbour development it became a an area where ship owners, captains, and merchants settled in the late 19th century. Large parts of Mannheim were destroyed during World War II but this suburb and the buildings from the Wilhelminian time survived – leaving lots of old structures. Then came the decline and the Jungbusch came to be known as the redlight district of Mannheim. The old warehouses closer to the river have deteriorated but some have given way to new buildings, commercial and residential. The old residential houses are being renovated. In short: gentrification is on the horizon with all the good and bad effects of the local inhabitants.

Linked to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Urban Erosion.

4 thoughts on “Just Before Gentrification

  1. I always feel very mixed about gentrification. It’s good to see old buildings get new life, and see an injection of vibrancy into an area. But traditional communities with few resources get booted out ..

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