I bet it will rip bad.

Sandy asked for something different for the Friendly Friday Challenge she runs together with Amanda. I thought I share something which I’ve just started: making words and sentences out of street signs. The idea is a derivative from a scavenger hunt organised by a group of friends. I haven’t got many signs yet and I am not 100% happy yet about how to display and highlight the words but in the end – I bet it will rip bad.

The Friendly Friday Challenge: Something Different.

12 thoughts on “I bet it will rip bad.

    1. I have started this to add a bit of interest to my cycling tours, to get me away from the obvious destinations. And I found it has come with an unexpected advantage. Taking pictures of street signs makes me stop at places I would normally just cycle by without a second glance. But once I have stopped anyway and taken out the camera I often find other interesting things to photograph, a few flowers here, an unusual postbox there, a different angle of landmark in the distance …


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