I’m a Fan of Nutria

Our grandson showed us this pond where he knew that a nutria lived. It wasn’t shy at all.

It must have lots of fans besides me because it looked so well fed, not to say fat, that I’m sure it gets treats from many visitors to his watery abode.

Best of all, I think he liked me, too. Seeing what he brought over for me.

I’m a fan of … #133

9 thoughts on “I’m a Fan of Nutria

  1. I’m a bit guarded. They used to pop up from time to time in the river near where we lived in France, but I gather they’re an invasive species, intent in taking over the world – we more usually call them coypu. But they are very attractive.

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    1. They ARE weird. Orange teeth and all, and yes, they are not native to the area. I first had a different title: I’m a fan of this coypu (I didn’t know which name was more common, thank you) – because I can I not be fan of an animal who offers me a beer?

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