This “side dish” to my primary blog (https://eklastic.wordpress.com/) is just a collection of photographs and collages, usually in response to a photographic challenge. It has little purpose above displaying some of my snapshots.



7 thoughts on “About

    1. I’ve looked – my photo blog (picturesimperfectbloc.wordpress.com) has the normal follow button but I can’t find one on “eklastic” either. 🤔 But people used to follow so I am wondering whether this is a glitch that has appeared with this theme lately. I will look if I can fix it (possibly chaning the theme?) but thank you so much for your interest.


      1. WP has changed the widgets to use the block editor – if you scroll down you will see that archives are in a long list and duplicated as well! I had this problem on one of my blogs and had to go and edit the widgets to remove duplicate ‘blocks’ and add the widgets that were missing – such as the follow and search. If you go to widgets in your setting you will find all the tools there, but may need to scroll down the blocks to come to the widget section. Hope this helps (BTW there is a WP follow if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the footer, but not an email follow button).

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      2. Thank you. F… me the widgets section in my reader is white on light blue. I can’t see a thing!! I’ll be trying, though. – Only for the Picturesimperfect site, it seems to be the theme. Eklastic and Henry are readable. Uff! — Follow / E-mail follow difference explains why I had still the occasional follower hence I thought the problem was not on my side.


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